September 30, 2016 dog

Missouri Quarterback Suspended after Allegedly Breaking Dog’s Jaw

Missouri State quarterback Breck Ruddick was benched Friday night due to “conduct detrimental to the team”. No further information was given by the team or the University, but a Facebook post from earlier in the day shed some light on the situation.


Breck Ruddick, 20, is accused of punching a dog in the face repeatedly and letting the injured dog run away. The dog, an Australian Shepherd named Luca, was forced to go to the veterinarian when found. At the vet, it was discovered that the dog’s jaw was shattered and teeth had to be permanently removed. The slender dog had to spend two days at the vet and has been on an oatmeal diet ever since.


A viral Facebook post by Shelby Filbeck, a friend of the dog’s owner, explains the situation. According to Shelby Filbeck, the Missouri quarterback lost his cool, hit the dog in the face in a fit of fury, and let him “run off, all alone and bleeding profusely.”


Katie Riggs, Luca’s owner, spent the entire night looking for her 45 pound Australian Shepard, according to Filbeck’s facebook post. The Facebook post is rather gruesome. It shows the cute, sweet dog looking up at the camera pre-injury. Next to the heartwarming picture is a series of photos taken of the shattered jaw and removed teeth. It is a visceral set of photographs accompanied by a long-winded explanation.


According to the post, the Missouri quarterback only told the owner of the dog that the Australian Shepherd had run off. He failed to disclose any injuries or the face smashing incident. The injuries were only discovered when the dog was found in the early morning hours.


The Facebook post continues, saying, “The next day Luca went in for surgery where it was found that his jaw bones were shattered (not just broken), he had to have 6 teeth pulled, which will be permanently gone forever and they had to keep him at the vets for two days instead of one.”


The owner of the dog has confirmed that the Facebook post is accurate but could not comment any further because she plans on taking legal action against the football star. But in response to the Facebook post and the dog owner’s confirmation of its accuracy, Breck Ruddick has released a statement of his own.


The football player denies the fact that he broke the dog’s jaw. He also denies the fact that he let the dog run away. According to his own statement, he was dog sitting for the owner Katie Riggs when the dog bit him lightly.


The quarterback says his own Facebook post that the story is getting out of proportion. His side of the story reads like this, “I was dog sitting him and he was on my bed, I wanted him off the bed so I gave him like a tap to try and get him off but he didn’t move so I gave him a little push and he bit my hand not extremely hard but enough to shock me.”

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