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The Harrowing Case of Dizzy, The Escaped Monkey

Dizzy, an 8 year old Guenon Monkey, disappeared from his enclosure at the Forrest Park zoo in Springfield, Massachusetts and was gone for three days. Zoo officials, Springfield police, and concerned members of the community conducted an intense search but could find no sign of Dizzy. The 12-pound monkey apparently took to the trees and simply disappeared. He was last seen in the treetops near his enclosure at about 4 p.m. onTuesday Forest Park zoo officials said. While they are not sure exactly where he is, they say they are hopeful he has not gone far.


The Escape

There is a dense canopy of trees around Dizzy’s enclosure and zoo officials said they felt certain that’s where he is. However, they have searched high and low and have not seen him for days. Dizzy’s escape led officials to close the zoo for several days as the search continued. Dizzy made his escape when he was able to open the door on the enclosure which had inadvertently been left unlocked for a few minutes. He quickly climbed into the trees and was gone. Zoo officials say Dizzy will probably return soon because they are sure he is hungry and tired by now.


Where Is He

People as far away as Porter Lake, half-mile to the south of the zoo, have reported seeing Dizzy. However, zoo officials explained that monkeys are territorial and they are certain Dizzy will not go too far from the enclosure in which he has lived for about two years. They explain that because Mitzy, Dizzy’s mate, is still in the enclosure and Dizzy knows his enclosure also as the apricots which he loves to eat, they think it’s just a matter of time until he returns. Still, area residents brought bananas to the zoo in hopes of luring Dizzy back home. Dizzy is a favorite of the many children that visit the zoo because of his acrobatic moves.


His Mate Mitzy

Everyone was worried about the cute little monkey with the fancy acrobatic moves. Children have been saying he may have been planning his escape. However, they are worried he might fall and injure himself. Meanwhile, zoo officials keep looking for Dizzy in the treetops inside the zoo and police are keeping pedestrians and vehicular traffic away from the wall near Dizzy’s enclosure and temporarily closed the playground nearby. Plus they are employing a new strategy. They left Mitzy outside her enclosure.


Dizzy’s Return

Apparently the strategy worked. On Thursday afternoon Dizzy was seen swinging from tree-to-tree in the canopy above the zoo. He had returned on his own. As he made his way down, police and zoo personnel attempted to capture him, but Dizzy easily evaded them. Finally, after three days of adventure, Dizzy was shot with a tranquilizer rifle by head zookeeper John Lewis. After he was hit, Dizzy headed back up into the trees. But moments later he passed out, fell from the tree, and was caught by zoo staff.

On Friday, zoo officials said Dizzy was back in his enclosure playing normally, relaxing, and having fun with his mate Mitzy. Tests show Dizzy is no worse for wear because of his three-day foray out of his enclosure and on his own, zoo staff reports. Plus he has new stories to share with Mitzy.

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