3 Reasons Why The Turkish Tea Cups Should Be Part Of Your Tableware Collection

3 Reasons Why The Turkish Tea Cups Should Be Part Of Your Tableware Collection

Turkish tea cups – a part of a unique culture and a people who love their tea enough to consume 3.5-4kg per capita annually on average. However, due to their appealing nature and peculiar design, turkish tea cups are not limited or known to only indigenes of Turkey. Currently, over 400 million of this drinkware are sold globally. Let us briefly delve into why you should not hesitate to get a set of your own and a few factors to guide your purchase.

3 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Turkish Tea Cups


This drinkware of broad aesthetic purposes equally has several uses. Depending on what you desire, there are Turkish tea cups for caffeinated drinks (coffee), others for traditional Turkish cay tea, and still others for whatever dark-colored tea you fancy.

An Effortless Aesthetic Touch

With beautiful play-on-colors and intricate designs, these tableware items can easily perform aesthetic functions. With the wide availability of these cups, you could opt for colors and patterns that match the existing tone and style of your kitchen or the entire home.

Unique Design

Due to the unique design of these cups, you can enjoy your tea without letting its temperature drop drastically. The design of the Turkish tea cup allows the tea at the top to cool while the tea at the bottom remains hot. In essence, when you tilt the cup to take a drink, these two regions mix and render the tea drinkable.

Buyer's Guide

Considering the vastness of Turkey tea sets, if you will not be purchasing one of each type, making a selection might be easier said than done. However, with factors to look out for, you can narrow down your search. Some things to consider before settling for a set of Turkey tea cups are;


Your purpose in searching for a Turkish tea set plays a role in determining which to go for. For example, if you need the teaware solely for drinking, porcelain or glass teacups would be apt. And if you were to present a set as a gift, you could go for any type depending on the receiver's taste. Indeed, depending on what pleases the receiver, you can go for the traditional, the vintage, or the modern sets. What if you need the sets solely for their aesthetic appeal? Things get easier here as you would only need to look out for the most stylish of designs and color schemes that would suit your taste.


Depending on you the buyer, Turkish tea cups can get as expensive as £110. In certain cases, the design determines how much the item costs. However, sometimes the composition plays this determining factor. In essence, you might want to consider how much you will be willing to spend.


With time, tea cups from Turkey have been manufactured using stronger materials like borosilicate glass and in some cases, are made double-walled. If you need something more durable, you might want to turn to these rather than cups of ceramic or regular glass.


Although there is not much difference in size across various types of these cups, they are all portable enough to fit into the same space as any other teaware.

Bottom Line

It is not without cause that the tea cups of Turkey are famed globally. Without a doubt, these teaware are a great addition to any tableware as they represent elegance. Be it the intriguing tulip shape, or somewhat delicate look, Turkish tea cups remain pleasing to look at and are even more delightful to drink out of.