What Should Be In Your Keychain?

What Should Be In Your Keychain?

A keychain is a device that attaches many items, such as your pocket knife and vehicle keys, which form part of your everyday carry (EDC). They are handy when you need to pack up and go fast, such as when you're late. If you find yourself running late, you may use them to make up time. In addition, they provide a practical answer to the issue of how to guarantee that you always have the basics on hand.

House And Car Keys

Don't you dare let yourself be locked out of your own home! Clip your keys to a starbuck keychain so you'll never leave home without them. After all, keys are intended to be used. If you frequently lose your car keys, you may want to keep a spare on your key ring. Think about getting a key holder like the Trayvax Keydex if you have a lot of keys. It includes a clip at the top so you can attach it to a carabiner, and it can store up to twelve keys.


You never know when you might need a flashlight, so have one on hand by attaching it to your keychain with a carabiner. If you're having trouble locating an item, a flashlight can save you time that might otherwise be spent rummaging around in your bag. Keychain flashlights may not compare in brightness to larger, more powerful models, but they certainly beat having no light. As a bonus, who needs a large flashlight in their purse? You'll have more room for other necessities if the flashlight isn't as bulky.


A pocket multi-tool is another helpful thing to have on your keychain. Rather than carrying several separate tools, a multi-tool contains everything you'll need in one convenient package, like pliers and scissors. It's the most practical way to transport all of your essentials. Clipping a multi-tool to your keychain with a carabiner can be a lifesaver if you're an adventure traveler.

Defense Alarm

You might feel more secure by carrying a personal alarm on your key ring. When activated, the notice can serve as a deterrent by drawing attention and frightening away potential intruders. It is suggested that women attach them to the outside of their clutch bags so that the alarm can be activated quickly and easily.

Pocket Knife

Add a pocket knife to your keychain carabiner for extra self-defense. Anyone can use a folding knife like the Trayvax Trek Field Knife to defend themselves if they're ever attacked, not just on camping excursions.


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